RIMU Music Preparatory School and Nursery is a school with music at its heart.  NURSERY - WE NOW ACCEPT CHILDREN FROM 6 MONTHS AND WE NOW OFFER FREE EARLY LEARNING ENTITLEMENT FOR THREE & FOUR YEAR OLDS The RIMU Nursery (OFSTED registered: EY486160) is for children aged between 6 months and four years of age and is now open.  The preparatory school  is now taking applications. RIMU Nursery provides: small classes & flexible hours  a specially devised music & arts programme EYFS Classes in Ballet, Street dance , Gymnastics and Drama every week for every child After 4 weeks of opening OFSTED visited RIMU to perform an inspection. You can read RIMU nursery’s first OFSTED report here*. *[It is noted that as a result of moving to Limited company status, RIMU has recently undergone a re- registration with OFSTED. The previous Ofsted registration number was EY440189. The new registration is EY486160. Apart from the company status change, no other elements of RIMU have been changed. The most recent Ofsted report can be found under the old registration number at the following location] PREPARATORY SCHOOL RIMU school offers: small classes a strong academic timetable with specialist teaching in all areas a fully developed music and drama programme for ALL students including keyboard and recorder lessons, Kodaly, Rhythmics, Theory of Music, ensemble and choir Trinity Guildhall Music and Drama exams, AB exams and LAMDA 11+ Exam preparation a large variety of PE activities & extra-curricular clubs a breakfast club and after school club for working parents a non-denominational education “I have 15 years experience of running Step Up Music Theatre School, a part time stage school for children from 4-18 years of age. Through Step Up I have seen first hand how music can have a positive effect on a child’s well being and development. RIMU represents my dream to marry traditional academic learning with a broad music based curriculum” Nathalie Richardson  © RIMU 2011-2017 Made with Xara   RIMU Music Preparatory School & Nursery The Rimu tree (Dacrydium cupressinum) is a large evergreen coniferous tree that grows throughout New Zealand. To us, the tree symbolises the growth and learning that we hope all students at the RIMU school will experience. RIMU and RIMU Music Preparatory School & Nursery are trading names of RIMU Music Education Services Limited (a company registered in England and Wales, company no. 08603015). Registered office: Suffolk House, George Street, Croydon, England, CR0 0YN This website may use cookies to provide an improved experience. You can refuse these cookies by changing your browser settings. “Nathalie’s vision embraces both the importance of music for music’s sake, an enrichment of the soul perhaps, but also reinforces years of research demonstrating that the study of music supports and positively helps the learning of literacy and numeracy. It also encourages good behaviour and social responsibility, respect for others and, in a physical sense, coordination and motor control.” Stephen Dagg, Director of the Centre for Young Musicians in London